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John Takawira

Norbert Shamuyarira

Shephard Madzikatire

Claud Nyanhongo

Godfrey Kututwa

Albert Mamvura

Edward Chiwawa

Brighton Sango

Henry Munyaradzi

Damian Manuhwa

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"Shona sculpture" is a contemporary African art form dating back to the late 1950's and the encouragement provided by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe's first Director, the late Frank McEwen.

The art form has produced a number of outstanding artists and it is these artists that have earned critical acclaim internationally both for themselves individually and for the art form known as "Shona sculpture".

Their works represents contemporary African creativity at its finest, and this internationally  acclaimed and unique contemporary art form should not to be confused with the mass  produced tourist souvenir carvings nor should it be confused with the many mediocre imitations of the  masters of Shona sculpture.

Zimbabwe has an ever-growing industry of stone carving, and much of its output of carvings is shipped to Europe, the USA and elsewhere by the container-load and then misleadingly sold as "Shona sculpture" - including on the Internet.

Matombo Gallery has the world's finest and most extensive selection of works for sale by the masters of Shona sculpture. Interested collectors are welcome to contact us directly for further information.   



Tel: (263-4) 777016 / 777021 (Fax: 263-4) 751038.  e-mail:

(*)This selection includes works by the late masters of Shona sculptures - 

Akence Makore (1962-1988), JOHN TAKAWIRA 1938- 1989,

Brighton Sango (1958-1995), Moses Masaya (1947-1996),

Henry Munyaradzi (1931-1998) and Albert Mamvura (1954-1997).

Also available are works by major living sculptors including

Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Claud Nyanhongo, Damian Manuhwa, Edward Chiwawa, Edronce Rukodzi, Fanizani Akuda,

Godfrey Kututwa, Norbert Shamuyarira, Richard Mteki,

Shephard Madzikatire and Nesbert Mukomberanwa.

Matombo Gallery, established in 1985 and based in Zimbabwe, has been described as "the world's premier establishment specialising in Shona sculpture". It has curated and organised numerous critically acclaimed international    exhibitions exclusively featuring works by        Zimbabwe's major artists.

Now the Matombo Gallery's unrivalled          selection(*) of works by many of Zimbabwe's  finest sculptors is being made available to collectors worldwide.

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